recycled plastic plywood alternative sheeting

EKOply - recycled plastic plywood alternative

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Our EKOply recycled plastic plywood alternative product range is the only current sheet on market that is almost identical to Ecosheet in its structure, appearance & specification.

As well as being one of the most innovative new building materials to hit the UK market in recent years, it's also one of the most environmentally-friendly and economical.

Each EKOply sheet is manufactured from 100% waste plastic which typically ends up being land-filled or incinerated. Each sheet is engineered to perform as an alternative to imported plywood, or to virgin plastic panels, yet in turn are fully recyclable at end-of-life.

Key benefits of EKOply

  • Rigid sheet available in 12mm & 19mm, standard and anti-slip grey sheets with limited colours available on a make to order basis by pallet quantity
  • It can be cut/screwed in the same way as traditional timber
  • Significantly longer long lasting compared to timber and plywood
  • Rot and weather proof
  • Tough and durable
  • No maintenance costs
  • Chew resistant and non-toxic to animals.
  • Graffiti proof
  • Acid and chemical resistant, resisting most industrial chemicals



This is the standard stock sheet used in all standard applications. The Thermal bonding technology produces a sheet with outer layers (skin) Pulverised recycled waste Size:500-800um and inner layer(core) Recycled waste material flakes size: up to 6mm



Produced as a standard sheet but with an anti-slip mesh inserted into one skin surface during the production process to provide an anti-slip surface.



This sheet is manufactured using the recycled waste for the skin only - resulting in a more dense core structure and so less voids. *Also available with the anti slip surface



Manufactured as a standard plus sheet - using only skin material providing a more dense core structure.

EKOply Colour Options

ekoply colour options

Where to buy EKOply

Charlie Hughes, senior project manager in Wynnstay comments: "EKOply is proving to be a successful product for us. The many applications EKOply has for our agricultural customers is proving to be the reason for its success. Farmers are increasingly looking for products to give longer service life to keep costs down, when comparing EKOply to plywood its lifespan makes it very cost effective, plus the benefits of being able to wash down and disinfect compared to wood which can harbour bacteria and disease makes EKOply an attractive product".


EKOply in action

EKOply is our market leading plywood alternative which is one of the most innovative new building materials to hit the UK market in recent years, it's also one of the most environmentally-friendly and economical.  Find out how it is being used by our customers in a selection of customer testimonials below.

Blue Lagoon Waterpark at Bluestone

Ekoply was installed at the Blue Lagoon Waterpark at Bluestone in West Wales. The combination of high humidity and chlorine was rotting the timber and it has been permanently replaced using recycled plastic lumber.

Skate Ramp

12mm EKOply was used by a customer in Cornwall for a skate ramp.

Public footpath bridge constructed with steel and plastic lumber

Project was a partnership between city and county of Swansea countryside access team and volunteers from Swansea Ramblers

Site Hoardings - Bath Abbey

On this project EKOply is being used for construction hoarding around the perimeter of Bath Abbey. This renovation project is estimated to take 3 years and once complete the hoarding can be removed from the site and re-used on another project, because unlike traditional wooden hoardings EKOply will not deteriorate and rot.

How EKOply was used to replace extend the life of plywood sheeting.

On this project a customer purchased EKOply to replace existing plywood which had started to deteriorate and rot. The following image timeline shows how EKOply sheets are being used to replace the existing plywood.  Starting in the corners, EKOply boards are placed over the existing plywood boards ensuring that they will never have to be replaced in the future.

Living Wall

This living wall has been created using EKOPLY by Adam Shepherd 'The Landscape Architect'

EKOply was used to create this feature living wall.

Ventilation Duct

EKOply sheets were used to provide a ventilation duct at a European manufacturing site dealing with harsh weather conditions. In winter the temperature is + 40oC inside and – 20oC outside during manufacturing and – 20oC inside and – 20oC outside when idle. Summer temperature is + 40oC inside and + 20oC outside during manufacturing and + 20oC inside and + 20oC outside when the site is idle.

MGA car enthusiasts

If the product was available in the 1950's I am sure MG would have it on their production line" EKOply main advantage over Wooden Ply: In the year 2018 I see no point in using a product that was invented in 1865 - that is not waterproof - in a situation where the main purpose is preventing water ingress into a car.

EKOply also has the main advantage of being a 'finished' product - no treatment needed - just cut and fit!

Millstream Flow Gates

We decided to use your Ekoply product to replace a pair of old sluice gates used at an old French water mill. - Trant Engineering Limited

C S Animal Hydro



Pig Arc

Ekoply used at The Martin Fuzzlewit Ferret Sanctuary

Table top and storage

Water Dam & Reptile Vivarium

Public Toilets

Solar PV Project

"The EKOply sheets worked very well supporting a total of >4.5 tonnes of ballast blocks within the frames. We will certainly use EKOply sheets again on our next Solar PV project. - Craven Energies"


This bodysurfing handplane is shaped from EKOply which is made from 100% recycled plastic, the very same plastic waste that often ends up in landfill or even polluting the oceans.

EKOply is strong, buoyant, completely waterproof and UV resistant - making it ideal for use again and again in all weathers and conditions and has been received favourably by the surfing community

"Due to its waterproof, buoyant and environmentally friendly properties it is well suited to the increasingly eco-conscious surfer, especially when you consider the problem of waste plastics finding their way into the oceans and the need to address this issue globally."  Nick - Owner of Renew Surfcraft  -


Beehive's were created using EKOply by Bizzy Bee Garden Services.

Tennis wall application

"This tennis wall is over 3m height and 12m in length. It was built to aid tennis coaching and tested by a tennis coach who found it a revelation."



East Village (former Olympic Village)

"EKOply has provided us with an exciting sustainable alternative to standard plywood. On site, when the furniture arrived and before we'd even finishing installing it, there was a real buzz about the project, with people enjoying and climbing all over the installation."

"It was an easy choice to work with EKOply, everything in the East Village (former Olympic Village) has been selected for it's sustainable and environmental credentials, the recycled plastic sheet helped us to continue this ethos as part of our design." Will, The Edible Busstop.

Isle of Wight Zoo

Because of the benefits of EKOply Isle of Wight Zoo selected EKOply to build their new Meerkat enclosure.

"Setting ethical standards by use of promoting an excellent example of sustainable recycling - Isle of Wight Zoo"


Roof Terrace - Buffalo Landscapes

The roof terrace was framed up to carry decking and paving elements. The paving section was first decked with EKOply then by using plastic pedestals we laid the paving slabs. EKOply was also used as spreaders under the deck.

Site Hoardings - Camerons of Jersey

EKOply was used as construction hoardings on ths building project by Camerons of Jersey.

Children's Play Equipment - Scandor Landscape Contractors Ltd.

It is great to have a product that will never soften, rot, looks good and is recycled. This was key to the design, add kids to water and nowhere will be safe, let them play!! Gary Humphreys, Scandor Landscape Contractors Ltd.

Living Wall Support Structure - Scotscape Group Ltd

An example of a support structure for a living wall supplied by Grant, Scotscape Group Ltd using EKOply

Living Wall - Daniel Bell Design

A great example of a living wall which is using EKOply, created by Daniel Bell Design.

Outdoor Furniture - A & E Leisure Ltd

Quality and durable outdoor furniture using ekoply by A & E Leisure Ltd

Cheltenham Saracens Rugby Club

We used your boards as a wind break, weather shield and sound barrier for our rugby club balcony. Works perfectly.

Product Display

Chicken Hut and Duck House

A Chicken Hut and Duck House created with EKOply

Tree monitor supplied by Jozztek

This tree monitor was constructed using EKOply.

Caravan Extension