Recycled Plastic Extended Sloper Bench

Our Recycled Plastic extended Sloper bench range offers the addition of arms to the seating, with a slight recline in the bench back, providing a very popular and comfortable seating option.

The Extended Sloper Bench is supplied as standard with a brown seat.

Item: Recycled Plastic Extended Sloper
Weight: 100kgs
Dimensions : The extended version (seat 1.8m long)
Availability: Please contact us for stock availability

Our range of recycled plastic benches are of exceptional quality and maintenance free - ideal for any outdoor location from town centres and parks to sea front and harsh/extreme weather environments.

All our recycled plastic furniture is 100% recycled, manufactured from quality, heavy, solid lumber sections and fully assembled.

By choosing our quality recycled products and choosing the environmentally friendly option, your purchase and ongoing costs are substantially reduced.

All recycled plastic items are available in a range of styles and colours for use by adults and children alike.

Our bench range includes benches with seating only, seating with backs and in our Sloper range, the addition of bench arms.

The base frames are black with a choice of black, brown, green or grey available for the remainder of the bench.

The standard length of all our benches is 1.525 long however options of 1.8m are available.

Profiles used vary according colour choice – please enquire for further details

Secure Ground Fixing Options

On installation, attention must be made to the ground level to ensure that each section of the bench has contact with the ground. This is of particular importance with the extended range.

Our products are sturdy items but should you require them to be ground-fixed we are able to recommend the following options:-

  • L brackets – for use on concrete/tarmac areas.
    Please note: we are able to supply galvanised L brackets and would recommend using good quality, stainless steel bolts.
  • Extended legs - we are able to supply extended legs for securing furniture onto grassed/un-concreted areas. Approximately 16in of additional leg is loosely bolted to the base of the item ready for adjustment on installation. Four extended legs are supplied for the Sloper range, whilst two are supplied for the remainder.

bench fixings

Plaque and Engraving Options

We are also able to offer durable, stainless steel, aluminium or 2plex plaques for our furniture. These can either be face-fixed or recessed into the board for additional security.


Alternatively, text can be engraved into the board as illustrated.

bench engraving option

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