Hanpave Porous Paving Grid

recycled plastic sustainable drainage system

Hanpave porous paving is a high performance, durable and low maintenance plastic grid used as a surface solution for grass and gravel in a SUDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) compliant permeable paving system.  Made from 100% UK plastic waste which might otherwise go to landfill. Hanpave reduces the carbon footprint of a project. It's fully recyclable at the end of its product life.

Hanpave is the solution for car parks, pedestrian and cycle paths, picnic areas, golf courses, parks, fire lanes, event areas, horse paddocks

Hanpave porous paving blocks are connected by an interlocking structure and installed on a porous base course. Their role is to transfer loads from the surface to the engineered course base below.

Ground Protect has been uniquely designed and uses strong inter-grid unions coupled with a geometric design which ensures that it can withstand weights up to 236 tonnes.  It's patent-pending interference connection avoids the use of clips, which can break on installation. Individual grids can be easily removed if underneath access is required and can be replaced if damaged or vandalised, without the need to re-lay an entire car park.

recycled plastic permeable paving


  • SUDS compliant. Hanpave porous paving with grass or gravel can improve project ratings in accordance with BREEAM & the Code for Sustainable Homes
  • Durable, non-rotting and weather resistant. Over 10 year expected product life
  • Load bearing capability at 250 - 350 tonnes/m2, on a correctly specified and compacted sub-base
  • Conforms to Part M of the Building regulations and is Disability Discrimination Act compliant when it is correctly laid and maintained
  • NBS Specification support in accordance with Q23 for gravel surfacing or Q30 for seeding/turfing
  • Offers excellent water permeation through the surface. It reduces the potential for clogging compared to an in situ concrete paving system

Examples of where it can be used

  • Car parks.
  • Hard standing,
  • Driveways
  • Green roofing,
  • Golf walkways
  • Emergency Vehicle Access,
  • Temporary and Permanent Roadways,
  • Caravan pitches,
  • Green Parking
  • and much more.......

Technical Specification

Material:: 100% recycled polyethylene & polypropylene
Load bearing:: 250 - 350 tonnes/m2 on a correctly specified and compacted sub-base
Block dimensions: 330 x 330 x 40mm - 9 blocks per m2
Cell profile: 63 x 63mm internal. Approx. 85% open cells/m2
Weight: 4.14kg/m2
Connection type: T slugs and slots
Delineators White circular inserts. Can be used to mark up areas such as parking bays and routes. 6 per continuous linear metre
Surface finish Gravel or Grass




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