Recycled Plastic Litter Bins

Our recycled plastic litter bins provide an eye-pleasing alternative to timber, metal or concrete litter bins. They require little or no maintenance an have no scrap value which are assets in themselves with the vandalism issues in many areas.

All of our recycled plastic litter bins are supplied with galvanised liners and are available with or without lockable lids and extended legs for secure ground fixing. Colour options: Black or brown.

Standard Bin
The Recycled Plastic Standard Bin is available with * flat or dome top finish and extended legs.
Rubbish Bin
Fixed lid. The sections on this recycled plastic bin are placed tightly together to prevent entry by vermin.
Dome top litter bin.
Fixed lid and side opening with internal catch. This has the same dimensions as the Pembrokeshire bin but is manufactured using the lighter 20 x 100mm alternative brown sections which are screwed from the outside using stainless steel screws.
Pembrokeshire litter bin.
Fixed lid and side opening with internal catch. This is manufactured using the thicker 35x105mm sections which are screwed into the framework and capped.
Compost Bins
Our compost bins are easy to clean, long lasting and require no annual maintenance.
Other Binst
In addition to our recycled plastic bins above, we also offer bins manufactured from traditional materials.