Recycled Plastic Sheets

We are one of the leading suppliers of recycled plastic sheets and boards to trade across the UK.  We offer a range of high quality recycled plastic sheets and boards suitable for a wide range of applications and great trade prices.

Illustrations below demonstrate uses of recycled plastic sheet material used in outdoor applications as the material cannot rot and little or no maintenance is required which is now why our recycled sheets and boards are the only alternative to plywood panels.

The sheet size is nominal as there can be variations within recycled products, with variations in colour between batch productions.

Please do contact us on 01269 826680 for precise details. We welcome your individual enquiries to discuss the appropriate sheet for your specific application/project.

Recycled Plastic Sheet Product Range

EKOply Standard

2.440 x 1.220 x 19mm

A direct replacement for Ecosheet panels. Speckled grey/black in colour Skin and core structure with mix of colours in core Most suitable for a range of applications where a more rigid sheet is required. 100% Recycled mixed plastics


Offered in 3mm, 6mm, 9mm or 12mm thickness.

Solid matt black colour throughout. Most suitable for applications where a more flexible sheet option is required.




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