100% Waterproof Construction Board WCB

100% Waterproof Construction Boards

Our new waterproof construction boards are the high quality and modern replacement for laminates, expensive thermoset resins such as Trespa and 'cheap', low quality and environmentally damaging products such as MDF and MFC.

The benefit of our new white construction boards is that unlike traditional fibre based materials our new product is truly waterproof, extremely tough, non toxic and environmentally friendly.

Why our new boards are better than laminates and thermoset resins

  • 100% Waterproof Construction Board - it wont degrade ever - no matter how wet, or warm the environment.
  • Anti-bacterial - lifetime of certified effectiveness, kills over 97% of MRSA, Ecoli and other bacteria.
  • Watertight sealed joints mean no dirt and no germs
  • Incredibly tough - no maintenance and very long life - even in the harshest of environments.
  • Environmentally friendly - made from recycled materials and is fully recyclable.


Technical Data

Tough and impact resistant

Tensile modulus of elasticity, MPa 1100 – Impact strength, kJ/m2 19 – Ball indentation hardness, MPa 16 – Shore hardness, D 68
Thermally Stable

0.83mm/m-1/10degreesK-1 – Ideal for large sheet applications such as wall cladding
Fire Rating

DIN 4102 with B1 Test Certificate – Class B1 certifies that Sealwise WCB has a low flammability. B1 class is the European fire resistance requirement. – Sealwise WCB is flame retardant and it will not burn on its own – it extinguishes itself after the ignition source has been removed.
Anti Bacterial Version

97% effective vs ecoli & MRSA (IMSL Cert # 1015700.07/5919)
High electrical resistance

Specific surface resistance 10 to the power 12 O

Benefits Over Woods

What you can do with our boards

Gluing – Hot forming – Cold curving – Printing – Spray painting – Milling – Sawing – Bolting – Drilling – Riveting – Backing/Laminating – Water-jet cutting – Welding – Screw fastening
Chemical Properties

Excellent resistance (no attack) to Dilute and Concentrated Acids, Alcohols, Bases, Aliphatic Hydrocarbons and Mineral Oils – Good resistance (minor attack) to Vegetable Oils and Oxidizing Agents – Limited resistance (moderate attack and suitable for short term use only) to Aldehydes – Poor resistance (not recommended for use) with Aldehydes, Esters, Aromatic and Halogenated Hydrocarbons, and Ketones

Antistatic properties means our WCB sheets remain dust-free. This means it stays clean longer and makes cleaning, laminating and printing much more efficient.
Easy to Clean

Disinfectant-friendly, pore free, non-absorbing, hard surface steam cleanable. – Dirt and germ-free sealed joints.
UV Stable

Suitable for outdoor use



With its smooth non-porous surface and sealed joints our boards do not harbour dirt or germs, its is very tough and long lasting and, of course waterproof.

Dental Surgeries

Decontamination suites with high temperature and humidity with NO degradation with all the wear and tear with no maintenance Infection control with integral anti bacterial capability


Our WCB boards provides a robust, practical and comfortable solution for school accommodation, providing a clean and modern environment for residential educational establishments.

Veterinary Clinics

Tough, clean, hardwearing, long lasting, antibacterial and great looking. Our new boards provides great value and a modern and welcoming surgery environment for patients.



Other uses for our new waterproof construction boards are

  • Marine Furniture
  • Prisons
  • GP Surgeries
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms / Showers
  • Swimming Baths
  • Decontamination Suites
  • Laboratories
  • Washrooms

WCB Boards

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