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Significantly longer lasting compared to timber and plywood.

If you are looking for a OSB board stockist then you have arrived at the right website. At SLPW we are one of the largest stockists of recycled plastic alternatives to OSB Board Sheet products

Our EKOPLY is a competitive and viable alternative to traditional timber OSB sheets and we have a huge range of EKOPLY plastic wood products such as boards, planks, boardwalks, posts that are widely used by many organisations in both the public and private sector across the UK.

Our product range is available in a range of sizes and thicknesses and are a great choice for a wide variety of applications in the construction industry as well as the leisure and retail, marine, industrial and agricultural sectors. In many tests plastic wood profiles outperform traditional building materials such as wood.

EKOPLY is a tough durable alternative to OSB boards, it is resistant to whatever the weather throws at it from rain to frost to snow without the need for treatment.

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