Recycled Plastic Products

We are a prominent supplier of recycled waste, plastic, and wood replacement items in the United Kingdom. We understand the necessity of repurposing the plastic materials we use in the UK because we have over 25 years of expertise in the plastic recycling sector. Plastic waste is transformed into a variety of usable materials, including furniture, sheet materials, profiles, plastic lumber, and much more.

Our recycled plastic is used to make modern, long-lasting picnic tables, benches, and other items. The possibilities are nearly unlimited thanks to our team of specialists and high-quality machinery. Regardless of the size of your project, all of our recycled plastic furniture, profiles, and materials are available throughout the UK and beyond.

About Second Life Products Wales Ltd

As a family-owned firm with over 25 years of expertise working with plastics, we’ve been involved in every step of the manufacturing, collection, and recycling process. We’ve made it our duty over the years to help our clients realise the worth of waste plastic produced in the United Kingdom.

EKOply Recycled Plywood Alternative

A cutting-edge product called EKOply provides the ideal substitute for plywood and other building supplies. EKOply is a renewable and sustainable material because it is made entirely from plastic waste. Click below to find all the information you need.

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For more information or to enquire about our products, contact our expert team. We strive to offer fantastic customer service.

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